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Standalone Altium 365 Viewer.Altium pcb viewer download

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Altium pcb viewer download

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The standalone Altium Viewer provides free access to view and share your electronic designs and Altium pcb viewer download manufacturing data through your Web Browser. No downloads, no installations and no registration required. A truly tool-neutral viewing experience that allows you to view and share designs sourced from an ever-expanding variety of supported ECAD design tools.

You down,oad even embed Altium Viewer on your own website — downolad the viewing experience literally to your own domain. This limitation applies only when using Altium Viewer hosted on the Altium website altium. There is no time limitation when embedding Altium Viewer with your own source files on your own web pages.

This feature allows you to upload and store your designs for viewing, sharing, commenting and downloading on a permanent basis. Accessing Altium Viewer on the main Altium website. An example design project is included so that you can take Altium Viewer for a test drive straight away — just click the control. Get a feel for Altium Viewer functionality with the provided example project, ciewer to uploading your own design or manufacturing altlum.

Shown here is a schematic. Hover the mouse over the image to see altjum view of the PCB in 3D. When using Altium Viewer on the Altium website, viewing of an uploaded CAD design or Downloxd data is time-limited — available for the duration of your browser session and no longer available if donload close your browser tab. Alternatively, you can:.

In terms of design sltium, the following CAD design tools are supported, along with the file formats that can be uploaded to Altium Viewer:. You can upload a full design in a Zip, Dowjload, or 7z archive or an individual design file schematic or PCB document. When uploading a Zip, Rar, or 7z file, the following considerations apply:. In terms of CAM manufacturingthe following formats are supported for upload to Altium Viewer:.

The processing time will depend on the size of the data being uploaded. If the upload fails — typically because a single file is uploaded that is in a non-supported format — the main viewing area will reflect this also.

Copy and share it with others as required — the link will remain active for a period of нажмите для продолжения hours. Those using a shared link will altium pcb viewer download notified on entry how long is left before the link expires.

In this example, 47 http://replace.me/12103.txt left to view shared design data. Being able to upload and view data during your browser session is vieser. Being able altium pcb viewer download share a link to that data for 48 hours is better. But by far the узнать больше здесь approach would be to have that data altium pcb viewer download stored and vownload to share with others whenever you like.

And not just for viewing, but also for altium pcb viewer download and redlining too. This is where an Altium pcb viewer download Personal Space comes in. As its name suggests, a Personal Space is a dedicated area on the Altium infrastructure platform, which is accessible only to you. Your Personal Space accommodates persistent storage of various types of uploaded static data and is completely free — ideal for those who want to experience the collaborative aspect of Altiumwithout the need for нажмите чтобы перейти connected Altium Workspace in which to store their data.

The data that you have uploaded to the standalone Alium Viewer can be saved to your Personal Space. To do so, источник the button, located at the top-right of the main viewing window, or the button then option. If you are already signed in to Altium pcb viewer download, you will be taken to your Personal Space on Altium and the data altium pcb viewer download there.

If you are not currently signed in to AltiumLive, you’ll be taken to the Altium Sign In page, with which to do so first. Once the data is uploaded to your Personal Space you will be taken to it directly — presented using Altium ‘s Web Viewer interface. In the Files page of your Personal Space, you can view all of your uploads, share with others altium pcb viewer download upload more — with a more powerful interface that also provides a gateway to the advanced features offered by the Altium Platform.

Altium Viewer can be embedded on your own website, which allows you to share an uploaded CAD design or CAM data with your readership. The embedded Viewer will remain active altium pcb viewer download as long as the source design files are available, which in the case of files uploaded to the Altium online Viewer is 48 hours.

If you use a custom viewer code that references design files hosted on your own website, the embedded viewer will have a permanent source and therefore remain active. The Altium Viewer is ideal for showcasing a development or evaluation board, and by having an interactive platform for your designs, your users can see and get a real feel for the design in a altiim they couldn’t with a standard datasheet or static block diagram. The following examples show third parties who have embraced and embedded Altium Viewer on their own viewre.

Shown here is an example schematic. Example showing Altium pcb viewer download Viewer altium pcb viewer download on a page within the GitHub community. To do so, click the button, located above the top-right of the main viewing window.

Accessing the embed code for a design uploaded viweer Altium Viewer on the Altium website. In the same way as outlined above, an Altium Viewer that references your own design sownload can be embedded on any web page by placing the Javascript reference and DIV section in the HTML page source. The DIV code section attaches event listeners used to initialize and style the embedded viewer http://replace.me/17330.txt your page.

In this case, data-project-src is used to specify your own design zip file mydesign. The following two attributes determine which data views are enabled, altium pcb viewer download which data view is the default active view:. Dlwnload, only the PCB and 3D data views will be presented. Since the data-active-view attribute is not included, its default will be used — displaying the SCH data view when Altium Viewer is first accessed.

Here, only the 3D data view altihm be presented, and is therefore necessarily set as the active view when Altium Viewer is altikm accessed. Once your design or single file is uploaded, you can browse it. Altium pcb viewer download following sections take a detailed look at the various features and functionality Altium Viewer provides to facilitate this.

Full functionality pxb, of course, best enjoyed by having a full design uploaded. Altium Viewer presents your uploaded design across four distinct data views, to show the source schematic sboard in 2D, altium pcb viewer download in 3D, and Bill of Materials respectively. Each data view will only be shown if there is a corresponding uploaded solarwinds tftp client download to do so. The SCH data view presents the currently selected schematic source document.

If more than one schematic sheet exists as part of the uploaded design, a full listing of the documents can be accessed by clicking on the control at the top-left of the view. Each document is presented as a preview — click on an entry to make it the active document. The currently selected document — the active document being viewed within the SCH data view — is distinguished in the list with a blue border around its entry. Browse all uploaded schematics — click an entry to make it the active document.

When inspecting a schematic document that is voewer of a viewef design project, the rendered document display itself can provide altium pcb viewer download navigation between the levels in the project structure http://replace.me/2176.txt. Altium Viewer supports viewing of multi-channel designs. A separate schematic fownload is presented for each physical channel. The physical sheet name — the compiled tab for that schematic document when viewed through Altium Designer — is included as a suffix to the document name.

The result is similar to generating a PDF document of the physical schematic sheets, only with the enhanced interaction that Altium Viewer brings. Sownload multi-channel design, with each physical channel being presented on a different schematic sheet. Control over the view and layer visibility for the PCB data view is performed through the Layers pane. Access this pane by clicking on the control at the top-left of the view e.

This control reflects how many layers are currently visible out of the total number of layers. Layers pane — command central pcg controlling layer visibility. Use the Top View and Bottom View controls at the top of the pane to quickly toggle between viewing the board from the top or bottom respectively.

The PCB data view supports single layer mode. Here, access to the Only control is shown. Hover the mouse ivewer the altium pcb viewer download dowbload see the result.

When viewing the board in 2D — using the PCB data view — you are able to take measurements. To downloa so click the button. The Measurements pane opens, the cursor changes to a cross-hair, altkum you will enter measurement mode.

Three measurement modes are supported:. Example measurement taken in Object to Object mode. The Layer Stackup view presents an interactive graphical representation of the PCB’s physical layer stackalong with information on individual layers and the overall stack.

The altium pcb viewer download is accessed from the Information pane by selecting the Stackup View qltium associated with the Layers section, or by using the Stackup View option in the Layers selector drop-down menu.

Hover over the image to see the Адрес страницы View. Each Layer Stack element in the altium pcb viewer download is selectable, including Vias.

Like other design altium pcb viewer download, Comments can be alrium on the Layer Stackup view. This view presents the Bill of Materials for the design. BomDoc is neither required, nor used by Altium Viewer.

The BOM data view presents the Bill of Materials for the design — created on-the-fly from the source schematics. The BOM reflects all components required to assemble a single board.

Pvb information is sourced from Octopart. The following controls located in the viewed control cluster are common to various data views:. The SCH data view supports selection of components and nets. Here, a selected component is shown. Hover the mouse over the image to see a selected net. Only components are highlighted as you move the cursor.

Only an individual component, pad, via, track segment, altium pcb viewer download net can be selected no cumulative selection. For a selected pad, wltium, or track segment, pcg net information is presented. To select the entire net, continue clicking to cycle through the selectable objects in a specific location, or click on the Net Name entry in the right-hand pane see altium pcb viewer download.



Altium Designer Viewer – Altium.Altium pcb viewer download


Way to sms software download for pc checking out all the features and benefits Altium has to offer, and want to get started using our products?

Take a look at what download options are available to best suit your needs. Leverage the most powerful, modern and easy-to-use PCB design tool on the market. Give Altium Designer a test run, download the free trial. Provides electrical and mechanical team collaboration to synchronize design intent including changes to board altium pcb viewer download, component placement, and copper – so you can rest assured that vjewer electronic and mechanical designs come together.

Please see Installing and Configuring guide. Is a transformative agile turnkey altium pcb viewer download for structured, workflow-driven PCB design for teams.

As a complete solution with a focus on rapid customer success, it is deployed in a structured way with configurable off-the-shelf modules with assistance from Altium professionals. The innovative solution думаю, custom 3d girl (pc) download предложить to your organization key capabilities including process management, workflow authoring, integration to enterprise systems such as PLM and much more.

Take advantage of a professional PCB design tool for the modern engineer. CircuitStudio is simple to use while being powerful enough to tackle challenging design requirements. Check out our Other Installers page for more information about additional software and previous releases. Mobile menu. Explore Products. Altium Community. Education Programs. Latest version: Release date: Installation and management.

Download exe, Download exe, 23 MB. Download exe, altium pcb viewer download MB. Download exe, 22 MB. Download exe, 20 Mb. Увидеть больше exe, 9 Mb. Download exe, 3. Download exe, 7. Latest version: 3. Download exe, 2 MB. Download exe, 2. PTC Creo Plugin. Download downloda, 9. Download exe, 8. Download exe, 17 MB. AutoDesk Inventor Plugin.

Vownload exe, 4. Autodesk Fusion Plugin. Siemens NX Plugin. View, print, and cross-probe aaltium documents or entire projects in one comprehensive interface.

Download Viewer. Latest altium pcb viewer download 1. Download exe, MB. Request Form. MCAD CoDesigner Plugins Altkum electrical and mechanical team collaboration to synchronize design intent including changes to board shape, component placement, and copper – so viewwr can rest assured that your electronic and mechanical designs come pdb.

Altium Designer Viewer View, print, and cross-probe single documents or entire projects in one comprehensive interface. Current version: 2.


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