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The Lion King 2.The lion king 2 pc game free download

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The lion king 2 pc game free download

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The audio still needs a little help Like I said before, the control is a little bit tighter here. The levels are huge and the detail in them sets new standards on the Game Gear. This one is a must-get if you own a Game Gear. Not many games excel in so many parts. The Lion King makes a great portable game, and I’m glad to see that it survived the conversion nicely The colors and graphics are incredibly colorful and clean.

I’m also happy to see that the levels are different from the Bit platforms. The control is absolutely flawless, which makes this game so much fun to play. The Lion King is challenging enough for the older gamer and still fun for the kiddie in you.

Now for some color! The Lion King is another fairly decent portable. It follows the story of the film and has some graphic changes from the Bitters. The most notable of which is the stampede scene It’s a little easier, but that’s okay. It was kinda tough before As far as playability, TLK holds its own and can hang with the others. Veteran gamers can get into it easily as well as kids. I like the Bit versions and this game seems to capture all the aspects that made them great.

The colors and soundtracks are excellent from start to finish. Like the Bit versions, the game play isn’t great, but it is fun to swing and run This game will instantly appeal to kids as well as experienced gamers. With detailed levels and good control, this is one game portable fans will want to get. Aladdin on the Sega Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo even though they were different games were both fantastic.

The Lion King had a tough act to follow. For this game, Disney had it so each console as well as the PC got the same game. The only real differences are the quality of visuals and the sound.

One pretty neat thing is that they managed to follow the plot of the movie pretty well. The game has you starting out as young Simba and then you eventually play as adult Simba. The game does not have much story and it is lacking in cut scenes which Aladdin did have. However, if you have seen The Lion King movie then you will feel right at home here.

One thing that this game and Aladdin have in common is they look fantastic. Disney animators once again lent a helping hand here and it certainly shows.

I feel this is most evident for the levels where you play as young Simba as the way he moves is great. The whole game looks fantastic and has the lush jungles and the darker tones of the later part of the movie as well. As well as looking good, The Lion King sounds amazing! It features all of the songs from the movie and they sound great, but there are also some very impressive voice samples here as well.

The whole game from the way it looks to the way it sounds is an absolute pleasure. I hate to keep talking about Aladdin, but that game managed to get the blend of looking like a Disney movie, but still being fun to play down really well.

The Lion King is not a bad game, but it is not as good as Aladdin. You play as both cub and mature Simba and each one has a very different play style. Young Simba is more about running and jumping, older Simba is more about slapping stuff around. These running sections can be brutal. It looks great, it sounds great, but it is very, very frustrating to play. The whole game can be frustrating and it demands a great deal from the player.

I bet younger kids who got this for Christmas in were very frustrated. The collision detection can be just a tad off, but it is more the brutal difficulty in general that makes this such a tough game. You have to know coming into this that it is a very, very challenging time. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and let out a loud roar and get good at the game, you will find getting to the end of it a rewarding experience. With The Lion King coming out in movie theatres this year and the original game being released in time for the holidays.

So, get ready to be king and sing Hakuna Matata as we join Simba to try and save the pride lands! Much like Aladdin which was released a year or so prior.

The Lion King looks like a million bucks. The reason for this is that the game was actually designed with animators from Disney. This gives the game a very colorful and special kind of look. The way that Simba and the other characters move is pretty amazing. This is especially true for the sections when Simba is a cub. Watching him scramble to get up on a platform looks amazing.

I really think that the animators outdid themselves here. The game captures the look and feel of the movie very well. As well as looking great, The Lion King also sounds great.

There are also some very high-quality voice samples from the movie too. As far as the gameplay of The Lion King for PC goes, I do not think there is anyone who will say that this is a better game than Aladdin which came before it. The Lion King is a very, very challenging game. It can be brutally tough and not always in a fair way.

That is because the collision detection can sometimes be a little off and on the second level where you have to jump from hippo tail to hippo tail it can be very frustrating. One cool thing that the game does have is variety. It follows the plot of the movie pretty well, hitting all of the major scenes. It is cool how cub Simba and adult Simba play differently and this along with the bonus Timon and Pumba stages do keep the gameplay from getting stale. The problem most people will have is getting past that second stage as cub Simba.

Do not let the upbeat music and super bright visuals fool you that stage is a monster! This was hard back when it was released in and it is still very hard now.

Still, it is beatable, but it takes a great deal of practice. I would bet that many people who played this back in never got past that second stage! If you are a Disney fan, I would say that the game is worth playing for the fantastic visuals and music alone! Sega teamed up with Disney for this handheld adaptation of last summer’s smash movie, The Lion King. While not as spectacular-looking as the bit versions of the cart, this game is worth purring over.

The story line follows the movie’s: Simba can’t wait to be king, and then his father is murdered by evil Unde Scar. As in the movie, Simba ages from junior cub to full-grown lion. The game’s ten levels are straight from the film. Once he’s grown, he returns from exile to battle jungle enemies like hyenas, bugs, wildebeests, and, finally, the nefarious Scar himself.

In this hop-n-bop game, Simba uses a few simple but effective moves as a cub-a pounce, roar, and roil. As an adult lion, he can also slash his enemies with his paw. The controls are precise and easy to master. All are one-button moves, except for the adult slash attack. Lion King’s graphics are Disney quality. Despite the itty-bitty size of Simba’s sprite, his moves and animations are great for a handheld game.

The beautifully drawn backgrounds in each level include great detail, like the elephant bones in the graveyard. Some clever compromises from the Genesis version, like the side-view Wildebeest Stampede, work well within the confines of the Game Gear. You can’t expect stereoquality tunes on a Game Gear, but Lion King’s tunes are surprisingly hummable.

Ten to one you still get tired of’em, though-that tinny music gets old even if you do like the songs. All in all, Lion King’s a great Game Gear cart. Ten levels of play is more than the average Game Gear fare, and the game’s challenge ramps up gradually, making it just fine for a range of players. It doesn’t look as good as the bit carts, but Sega can take great pride in the results. Travel through Simba’s life, facing challenges and puzzles in a game so smoothly animated, you’ll swear it’s a movie!

You need to go get this game! Travel through Simba’s fife, facing challenges and puzzles in a game so smoothly animated, you’ll swear it’s a movie! This game may prove to be a bit hard for kids, though. You need this game!!! Relive the exciting, action packed moments of the movie as you guide Simba through his future kingdom. Overcome the wicked hyenas in the elephant graveyard.

Experience real power as Simba grows into an adult. Only then will Simba be ready to challenge his ruthless uncle, Scar, and take his rightful place as ruler of the animal kingdom. Lion King is a side scrolling platform game, based on the animated cartoon with the same name. It was positively received by fans due to its smooth gameplay and high quality graphics.

You take control of Simba as a cub and later in the game as an adult, following the events from the animation. The only flaw here is that the game does very little if anything to describe what is going on and instead it relies on the fact that the movie was extremely popular at its release, and everyone would, more or less, know what it was about.

The gameplay is very smooth and is kept nice and simple throughout. As mentioned, you control Simba who can jump, climb, roar, tumble and later use his claws. In the beginning of Lion King, he is a mere cub and he can only defeat enemies by jumping on them in a very Mario-esque way; some enemies are more tricky, like hedgehogs, and you must use your roar to knock them on their backs before you can jump on them.

Later, Simba can maul them instead, but he also loses his ability to tumble. There are two gauges on the screen: one for his roar and one for his health. Using your roar will make it unusable or rather ineffective while the gauge refills. Naturally, if you are hit by enemies, the life gauge depletes and if it drains completely, you must restart from your last save point, and you lose one life.

Lives and health can be regained by finding various hidden bugs. The graphics of Lion King are top notch and were designed by Walt Disney animators. As such, the animations are very smooth and detailed; even when jumping, there is a series of frames instead of just one pose. The levels are very distinct and they each have their own flavor, at one point even more distinct than the movie. The music is also directly inspired from it, and the game also features small bits of voice acting to add that little bit of extra depth.

To conclude, Lion King is a high quality, polished and very enjoyable game that brings back many fond memories. Definitely recommended, and not only to those who want a little piece of nostalgia. The Lion King is a very popular video game based on the animated film produced and launched by Disney.

The game focuses on Simba’s journey from a young carefree cub until he has to battle his uncle Scar, when he is an adult. His objective, as in the title, is to become the greatest lion. The game is a side-scrolling platform version, with the character being able to leap, climb, run and descend.

There are few exceptions throughout the game, when Simba has to only run, dodge attacks and leap over rocks. The two bars which appear on the HUD are the roar meter left and the health bar right. The roar meter has to be full in order for Simba’s roar to be effective. Simba usually has more lives than one, and you can see how many remaining lives he has in the bottom left screen corner. Simba can restore his health by collecting bugs. However, the player will have to pay attention to the bugs, because sometimes he may eat some health-damaging ones.

It happens rarely, but it happens. Simba the cub can roar, jump on enemies and roll. He is not very powerful, but is quick and can combat enemies with different skills. He can also hide and dodge attacks by rolling. Simba the adult is stronger and can throw at enemies by jumping on them. Once he jumps on his enemy, the opponent is defeated. He has a more effective roar, but can no longer roll, as in its childhood.

During the game the player will bump into two bonus stages. In the first one he controls Pumba, while in the second he controls Timon, who has to search for bugs within a time limit. Both bonus stages will end if Pumba or Timon will be touched by a bad bug. The game received mostly positive feedback and was very popular back when released, mainly thanks to the popularity of the movie.

The game was rated with an 8 out of 10 by Electronic Gaming Monthly and was sold in 1. I tried to download the game but when I went to install it the 64 bits weren’t enough and it showed error on x68 as I tried to install.

I need help. Reinard 0 point. King Alan the wolf 0 point. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible.

If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us! MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Download MB. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. Send comment. Windows Version.



The lion king 2 pc game free download.News from viraposzu7p: The Lion King PC Version Game Free Download – Gaming Debates.

WebFeb 18,  · Download The Lion King – DOS Version Download for PC DOS version – Language: English – Size: Mb Download for Mac DOS version b – Language: . WebJun 04,  · The Lion King 2: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive. Volume 90%. WebDec 27,  · Amiga, PC, Genesis. Overall: 8. Lion King is a platform game released in by Virgin Interactive. You can play games on Amiga, PC and Sega. You are playing . WebDownload Disneys The Lion King for free on PC Size: 19 Mb. Version: v [New Version] Download torrent Download WITHOUT torrent (dstudio) (max speed + fast .

Disney’s The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride – Old Games Download.Download Disney’s The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride


See All Downloads. Bad as a game. Levels of difficulty calibrated very poorly, in fact, already at the beginning, the game is quite frustrating. Commands that respond roughly. The path of the character is terribly boring, the various enemies you just have to avoid them. Not much, really. If royalties were paid to develop this game, I have to say that it seems like wasted money He is not very powerful, but is quick and can combat enemies with different skills.

He can also hide and dodge attacks by rolling. Simba the adult is stronger and can throw at enemies by jumping on them. Once he jumps on his enemy, the opponent is defeated. He has a more effective roar, but can no longer roll, as in its childhood.

During the game the player will bump into two bonus stages. In the first one he controls Pumba, while in the second he controls Timon, who has to search for bugs within a time limit. Both bonus stages will end if Pumba or Timon will be touched by a bad bug. The game received mostly positive feedback and was very popular back when released, mainly thanks to the popularity of the movie.

The game was rated with an 8 out of 10 by Electronic Gaming Monthly and was sold in 1. However, many players believed the flaw of this game is the fact that it is too difficult.

Even when played on the easy setting, the game was difficult to finish for an experienced player, Gameplayers wrote in Disney’s Lion King appeared in theaters in , and was hailed as the best animated feature ever. The grammy-winning music was at the head of it’s class. The beautiful animations stunned movie watchers. The deep storyline even won praise from almost every film critic in the US. Guess what? The same goes for the game. The Lion King is a side-scroller that takes place in two parts; the first with Simba the main character, and the son of the king of Africa’s Savanah as a little furball; scratching hyenas with his tiny claws, rolling entire porcupines over with a single roar, and petrifying small lizards with a tiny little roar.

The second part has Simba all grown up; tossing cheetahs off the screen, pouncing on hyenas, and petrifying small monkeys with a really big roar. The graphics in Lion King game are just plain incredible.

The screens were hand-drawn by the same Disney animators who did the movie, and are packed with color. The animation is so crisp and clear, you would swear you were watching a cartoon.

The only gripe I had was a constant graphical jump when you used the toss, and the cut scene when you get hit was a little out of place, but otherwise the graphics are flawless. The video game s of the same plot as the Disney movie The Lion King. The player is put in the role of Simba , a little lion cub. His main weapons are sharp claws and a strong roar.

Young Simba just can’t wait to become king. His father is the King of the Savannah and the young prince can frolic the lands at will; jumping on and around other subjects of this animal kingdom. When his father, King Mufasa , is killed and Scar captures the kingdom, Simba is sent away from the lands of his inheritance and has to grow up fast, honing his skills, to return one fine day. Justin Garcia CoolDuelist said on Forum :. I have been messaged multiple times requesting help on how to beat level 2 of the Lion King and also for help on level 6 and 7.

For now I’ll just answer you for level 6. This is definitely a relief after going through Simba? Go down the right side of all waterfall slides and hold right on the d-pad for an easier experience in this level. After the first continue point, jump over the waterfall to find another one that will also make your experience through this level easier. Now use the falling logs to jump to the top of the waterfall, then go left and snag the bonus bug. Then just go right, then down to meet the level boss.

To defeat this gorilla, use the roll to send the coconuts rolling back at him, or wait until he does his ground pound, and hit him. That’s It. Browse games Game Portals.

The Lion King. Install Game. View all The Lion King Screenshots. Game review Downloads Screenshots Cheats 2 Discussion The ostrich ride’s double jumps are tricky.

You must double jump whenever you run into an obstacle with a hippo and nests. Jump the hippo, then immediately jump again. In Simba’s Exile , the biggest danger you encounter is falling rocks. When you touch a small blue bug in the Pridelands, it’ll explode. After you touch it, leap clear to avoid damage. Take the far-right cave in the first cave room in Simba’s Return.

Otherwise you’ll wind around endlessly. Move quickly when you reach the cliff with the rising green water in the Elephant Graveyard. The easiest path is leaping to the right, then grabbing the left ledge, which gives you a head start for your climb.

A blue bonus bug sits atop a tree in the upper-left comer of the Pridelands. Grab it, and you can visit Timon and Pumba at the end of the level. During the Wildebeest Stampede, jump from side to side across the screen. Sometimes, if you jump as a beast is bearing down on you, you’ll avoid damage. To break through piles of bones, just roll through’em. A Ladybug’s perched on a tiny ledge about halfway through the Pridelands level. Grab her to increase your Life Bar.

Climb up and above her, and then get rid of the porcupine to your left. Jump off the ledge and down to a series of ledges that leads right to the Ladybug. Overall rating: 7. Sega Master System.

ProTips: When you encounter the hedgehogs or porcupines in the Pridelands, roar at them to flip them over, and then pounce on them.

Pounce on hyenas only when they’re panting. Steer around the bug in the Elephant Graveyard. Neve Campbell Kiara. Andy Dick Nuka. Lacey Chabert Young Vitani voice.

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